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About us

Shanghai FWD Chemicals Limited, founded in 2006, based in Shanghai ,China. provide advanced chemistry services to the worlds pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. It specializes in a comprehensive custom synthesis and manufacturing from gram to Multi ton production and also offer a laboratory scale multi-step synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds . Our mission is to enable chemists, biologists and management to perform their roles more effectively.

Our pilot plant and the R&D center located in Xiangtan city, Hunan province covers 61300 square meters. It is fully equipped with advanced analysis equipments and supported Strong R&D team for early scale up with almost 50% of our scientists holding a Ph.D. We boast an impeccable reputation for delivering some of the most challenging projects and meeting the tightest timelines.


Our core values


Integrity at the highest level, the quite important core value of our company, is deeply embedded and reinforced on the daily operation of our business.


We believe and insist quality is all for product. Only qualified product can be sent to customer. Our rigorous quality system has done a good job and will be continuously developed.

Advanced Technique and Permanent Innovation

We pride ourselves in advanced technique in China. We have a good cooperation with East China University of Science & Technology, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Lanzhou University, Peking University etc, which stand for the top chemical scientists in China. Also, we have our labs in zhejiang province specialized in novel chemicals, contract research, and service for commercial run.
In addition to quality and integrity, we make technique and innovation one of our top priorities. It's a momentum for a business to keep competitive.

Customer Focused

We are responsively attentive to the customers' requirements. They are the power for our company developing. Our product is diversified and we do well in chemical searching and customization work. Through multiple channels for listening and learning, we maintain a close relationship with our customers and better offer products and services that fit customer needs. We are dedicated to making sure we stay focused on the customer and strive to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products and services.

Rely on FWD Chem and it's beyond your expectation.

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