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Contract Research, Manufacturing and Management

Contract Research, Manufacturing and Management

Contract Research

Requests for contract research services can be fulfilled in Shanghai FWD Chemicals Co.,Ltd to help our customer save costs and simplify drug development process.
Contract research: medicinal chemistry, lead compounds, analogs of active leads, scale-up and optimization, computer based drug design, pharmacological screening, pharmacokinetics etc.
Services: timely delivery, high quality product, certificate of analysis with product, complete lot records and archived sample, confidential services and quotations, consultation; analog and method design.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing can be regarded as a variation of licensing, in which the firm hires local manufacturer to produce the product. Many businesses use this mode as a way to "test the water" before forming a partnership or buying out the local manufacturer.
We serve as a manufacturer or a service provider to help our customers abroad to make good use of comparatively cheaper human power and idle capacities in china on API, fine chemicals and Intermediates production so that companies can save cost for drug production and increase profit.

Contract Management

We work for helping customers abroad build competitive advantages, improve efficiencies and avoid misunderstandings for cultural differences etc.
As a third party to work with our customers abroad on their business strategies including identifying and qualifying prospective partners; developing presentations to partner candidates; initiating and facilitating meeting and negotiate contracts; providing guidance on appropriate deal structure, regulatory issues and cultural differences; following up during implementation, closing deals and other services on contract.

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